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My Story

Born and raised in New Jersey. I moved to NC in 2011. A year later, 2012 my little girl Madison was born. I met my now husband Garrick Lewis in 2013 who helped me raise Madison. We later got married in N. Myrtle beach in October 2017. Our other children Gavyn and Ella live in Georgia. We have bought a home together in which we are very proud of. I recently retired from work as a bartender/waitress. After "2020" I decided to leave the restaurant field and work from home. I struggled on test taking and my own anxieties/fears of the sales field but never gave up on my failures which in turn led me to become licensed in over 30 states as an insurance Agent to help seniors with Medicare with over 18 major carrier contracts. Doing that for a little over a year I was very unhappy and trying to do ALL THE THINGS while working my 9 to 5 at home and thinking I can multitask everything everyday. Mentally draining myself and all over the place everyday I also learned I did not like the insurance world AT ALL! SO!, Currently I have transitioned into the pharmacy sales distributor field and I am extremely excited to grow up from here. I fell into another opportunity in sales as well to go back to work outside of my home. I am so much happier, learning more and more about sales and being consistent "making the calls! My goal is to eventually take all the sales experience I practice daily and putting the same effort into my own Scentsy business because I absolutely love the culture, product and being able to help people change their lives. All it takes is being simple, authentic, and consistent by sharing fragrance with the people I care about. Since 2018 I have been a consultant with Scentsy through the Direct Sales Association which has enforced positivity into my everyday life and taught me to never give up, stand tall and be confident. I sponsor, train, mentor, and coach people on how to make extra income, build relationships, and self develop. I love to bring out in people what they never thought they were capable of and see them succeed. I appreciate every single one of my mentors, trainers, leaders and I love connecting with new positive energies everyday.

What's warming in my home